Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery: Staying Strong After Breaking Free From Addiction

Whether you're celebrating recovery or just starting your journey to recovery or you've been in recovery for quite some time now, we're here at Vicki Troup Ministries to celebrate recovery with you. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, you know how important it is to get support, and in our forum we are excited to meet you and provide you with healing prayer, new relationships, and encouragement to worship and live the Kingdom Life.

At Vicki Troup Ministries, we recognize that everyone walks a different path in life, and we're here to offer you healing and acceptance - not judgment. If you haven't gotten to know Christ yet, we'd love to welcome you and teach you about what it's like to enter a world of faith. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you're considering joining us, it's for a good reason.

At Vicki Troup Ministries, we understand how devastating addiction can be, we appreciate, love, and honor your journey of recovery. We're here to celebrate recovery with you, and provide you with the healing prayer that you need to stay on the right track. As believers, we'll be here to support you as you celebrate your recovery and we're proud to offer the support that you need to stay strong. Here at Vicki Troup Ministries, we are happy to have you worship in healing prayer with us, no matter what your journey has been like. If you're ready to begin recovery or you're already on the recovery journey, reach out to us today at: vicki@vickitroupministries.org. During this difficult time, all of our worship and services are done virtually online to ensure your safety while allowing you a place of comfort on your journey to recovery.